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          Hot Products:Dihydrotepineol |Dihydrotepinyl acetate |iso-bornyl acrylate |iso-camphane |Terpineol |Terpinyl acetate |p-menthane |p-Menthane Hydroperoxide |

          ABOUT US

          SONGYUAN established in 1999, and located in Huanghua Industrial Park of Changsha High&New Technology Development Zone. Our company is a high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, production and sales.
          our products include chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, aroma chemicals and electronic chemicals, etc.and we enjoy great reputation in the field of synthetic rubber and electronic materials chemistry all over the world.


          CONTACT US

          Address: No.25,Fortune Road,Huanghua Industrial Park,Changsha
          Factory: No.89, Huacheng Road, Tongguan Industrial Park, economic and Technological Development Zone, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan, China.
          Tel:   +86-731-88524326   Fax:  +86-731-82755379
          M.P.: +86-13808484553 Manager Li
                   +86-13975813543 Miss Xiao
          E-mail: lixiaobo@sunyuanchem.com

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